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About this site

CODOFIL logo CODOFIL is the Council for the Development of French in Louisiana.

As the state’s agency for French-language affairs, CODOFIL works to promote the use of French in Louisiana.  Our goal is to support and grow Louisiana's francophone communities through scholarships, French Immersion, community programs, and more.

This website provides us another avenue for supporting French in Louisiana.  As we go out in the community, we regularly hear from people who have a strong desire to learn French - because of their cultural heritage, their career goals, or any number of reasons - but who are unsure of how to go about learning a language.  Maybe they took a little French in high school, or maybe they spoke some with a family member when they were younger.  Maybe they remember a few things but feel out of practice, or maybe they're starting from scratch.

With this site, we hope to give people a broad catalog of resources.  Everyone learns differently and we hope that these resources can serve as a starting-off point for Louisianians who have recently decided to learn French or who are re-engaging with the language.